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Check out these Product Categories:

Pallet Furniture

Creatively crafted from large pallets, these quality pieces of furniture will add a rustic, yet sophisticated look to your spaces.

Retro Furniture

New Zealand’s most iconic furniture pieces get a funky facelift. These beautiful things will be conversation starters in any room.

One Off Pieces

Crafted from high quality, recycled materials, these one-off pieces will be the focal point of any room

Entertainment Units

Keep all of your goodies together and looking sharp in these fantastic entertainment units. Available in a range of configurations, talk to us today about your needs.

Upcycled Furniture


Taking pieces that were already beautiful, and reminding them what is possible through the care and attention to detail they deserve.



These fantastic artworks can either be the finishing touches, or the starting point to making over your space.

Storage Crates


Storage items aren’t always the greatest visual pieces to add to your home. If you’ve got a whole lot of storing to do and your closets are full up, these are a perfect addition.

Coffee Tables

A whole range of funky and fascinating pieces to add the wow factor to your living room.